New Years Resolutions

This weekend I had my long run. The plan was 12 miles, first 4 at an easy pace, middle 4 at marathon race pace and then the last 4 easy.

My first problem was that I had to work Saturday morning from 7-11am. I made this plan that I would get done at 11 and be ready to run at noon because I didn’t want to do my run on Sunday. So out the door I went. I was feeling pretty good for it being noon! All I could think about the first 4 miles was that from miles  4-8 I was going to have to run a 9:09 pace and my legs felt like lead. This could be rough. Then I discovered it was WINDY!!! At one point I had tears running down my face from the wind. I was about 1 mile from my parents and contemplated running over to their house and calling it quits at mile 4. Mile 4 guys. I stopped running and stood on the sidewalk. To get to my parents house I was going to have to battle the wind. I decided I needed to stop being a wimp and started running again.

New plan. Screw running the middle miles at a faster pace, I just wanted to get 12 miles in someway. After my first meltdown the run seemed to go by quickly. It wasn’t great, but I was also happy that I was getting it over with! My total time was 2:01:25 with average pace of 10:07. I was quite happy with that.

After my run I decided to really focus on my goals for the new year.

  • Run a sub 4 at St. Louis
  • Read at least 2 books per month and focus less on Netflix
  • Budget more and start saving for a house
  • Get more involved with the church I attend (and actually attend)
  • Say yes to hanging out with friends more often

Here’s hoping for a great new year!!!!!

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