Winning a Pumpkin Pie

My first ever Turkey Trot was 5 years ago. I signed up for the 8k and figured no biggie, only 5 miles. I didn’t really consider myself a runner at the time … in fact I barely ran. But I decided I could do that, it would be so awesome and I’d be SO fast. That was a good joke. Not even a mile in and I was silently crying to myself. Marion has more hills than I thought, and I ended up walking around the 1 mile mark. It was at that point that I decided I was dropping to the 4k because let’s be real, I wasn’t trained for this. That was probably one of my saddest races I’ve done and I felt so defeated.

The next year rolled around and I had started to run more often. I knew I had to redeem myself so I signed up again for the 8k. Race day came and I knew I could do this, and I did! I finished in 50:07. I was so dang proud of myself. It was after the race that I learned the top 3 finishers in each age group one a pumpkin pie! This started the tradition of me running every year. The next year I finished faster in 42:23! I missed the pie by one place and I was not very happy. So again, the next year I signed up and finished in 43:09. Not as fast at the previous year, and I definitely kicked myself for not starting up further in line. I had gotten stuck behind people and wasted a lot of valuable time weaving.

Over the next year, it became a serious goal. I HAD TO WIN THE PIE. The funny thing is, I don’t even like pumpkin pie. Even funnier, not that fructose upsets me, I can’t even eat it. But that wasn’t the point. The point was winning that dang pie. I woke up early race day and ran a warm up mile outside. My stomach was acting up a bit, so I was worried but I kept asking myself “How bad do you want it? I want the pie”

The race started and my legs were feelin’ fresh! I knew this was going to be my day. I finished the first mile in 8:13. I knew I had to keep that pace to beat my time last year, so I kept on pushing. Mile 2 beeped, and my watch showed 8:06. Awesome, only 3 to go. On the 3rd mile, I was shocked. 7:48. I don’t run miles in the 7’s pace. I started to get worried that I pushed too hard, but then I remembered that I had to give this my all. Mile 4; 7:58. A little slower but that’s cool. Only 1 more to go and I’m done. That last stretch I sprinted. I gave it my all, and finished the 5th mile in 7:31. My chip finish time was 39:27. I was so so happy with this, and wondered if it was in fact good enough for the pie. I waited in line to get the results. When I told the man my name he shouted WINNER! I won. I won a pumpkin pie!!!! I ended up coming in 3rd in my age group. It took my 5 years to hit my goal, but I did it. And next year, I’ll win again.

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